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1703, 2017

Arnold Caplan, PhD Comments at the FDA/CBER Meeting on Stem Cell Regulation

March 17th, 2017|

Arnold Caplan, PhD Professor Arnold Caplan of Case Western Reserve University comments at the FDA/CBER meeting for Draft Guidances Relating to the Regulation of Human Cells, Tissues or Cellular or Tissue-Based Products in September, 2016. Hi. My name's Arnold Caplan, I'm a Professor at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, and I'm not speaking for the University, I'm speaking for myself as an individual. In the late 1980s, I gave the term "Mesenchymal Stem Cells" to a cell which I was able to isolate from bone marrow, put into culture and expand in culture. That term is wrong, and I apologize for calling it a stem cell. It is not a stem cell. The assumption was that this cell was part of the stroma of marrow. This cell is not a part of the connective tissue or stroma of marrow, it is a perivascular cell, and as a perivascular cell it has a function only in cases of inflammation or injury. In this case, this cell comes off the blood vessel and does two things: from its front, it secretes a curtain of molecules which stop your overaggressive immune system from surveying the damaged tissue behind it. And from the back [...]